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Best Boiler Magnets


Would you like to enjoy these types of savings, year after year?

Yes… It’s true, this little yellow product and it was designed specifically to help reduce fuel costs on oil, gas and propane heating appliances.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of fitting one of our magnets to your boiler…

  • Simple DIY Installation
  • No pipes to cut
  • Zero running costs and Requires no maintenance
  • Fit and forget – until you move house, then take it with you
  • Can improve combustion efficiency
  • Can reduce emissions
  • Suitable for Gas, Oil and Propane boilers and appliances
  • Guaranteed – 90 day, 100% money back performance guarantee and 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Over the last 15 years, this unit has proved highly effective in thousands of homes, offices and factories around the UK, so I am confident you could see good results too.

A single unit is suitable for boilers up to 80,000btu / 25KW. That size boiler is usually adequate for a 3 to 4 bedroom property.   Larger boilers will require two or more units.


In order for combustion to occur, the hydrocarbon molecules in the fuel (the bits that burn) must combine with the oxygen molecules naturally present in the air.

Even the very latest fuel efficient boilers do not burn 100% of the fuel that goes into them, as a result some unburnt fuel disappears up the flue and into the atmosphere.

Obviously this is wasteful; paying for fuel that doesn’t provide any benefit and also contributes to pollution.

Best boiler magnets, in common with the other Best magnet products, creates a powerful magnetic field through which the fuel passes prior to combustion.
This process is known as Ionisation by Magnetic Induction or IMI.

The best boiler magnetic ionisation process, temporarily conditions the hydrocarbons so that they more readily combine with the available oxygen, as a result, more of the fuel is burnt and more heat released …


  • Greater heat output for the same volume of fuel
  • Less unburnt fuel being released into the atmosphere and causing pollution
  • At last, you can help the environment and save money

Very often we don’t require an increased heat output for the same volume of fuel, we want the original heat output for a lower volume of fuel.  This is often automatically achieved by the thermostats on the boiler and in the house, though if not, they can easily be manually reduced to a lower setting.


A large UK steel manufacturer was able to run sophisticated tests in order to measure definitively the effect that a magnetic fuel saving unit has on flame temperature.

The test used a thermal imaging camera and measured the reflected flame temperature, not the actual flame temperature, which would have been too hot for the camera.  This test showed the flame temperature increased from 102°C to 119°C within three minutes.

Their test results showed that fitting the magnet increased the flame temperature in excess of 16% and that the magnet creates more energy / heat from the same given volume of fuel.

Benefits of fitting Best Magnets …

  1. Better combustion is achieved.
  2. Pollution is reduced by cutting down the amount of un-burnt fuel.
  3. The flame burns hotter which means that the heat transfers faster in heat exchangers.
  4. Water is heated quicker.
  5. Predetermined temperature is reached quicker so thermostats cut off earlier.
  6. Your own 90-day, satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee.
  7. Best Magnets start from just £25 RRP.

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