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Best Car Magnets

Best Car Magnets & Fuel Conditioners for Engines

With fuel costs steadily increasing and a full tank costing £60 or more, motoring costs take up a huge amount of the family budget.  Fitting one of our units can help you save money.

The products are suitable for all types of petrol and diesel applications  – Lorries, cars, vans, boats, generators, tractors, mowers, strimmers etc.

Yellow Magnets

Improved Combustion

After the fuel has passed through the magnets magnetic field, it becomes ionized, causing the hydro-carbon molecules to combine more readily with oxygen. This results in a more complete and efficient combustion process.

Increased Power

This more complete combustion releases more power from the same amount of fuel.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption will be reduced, provided that the increased power output is not used for extra performance. Essentially you can maintain the same speed but require less throttle to do so.  Savings vary, depending on a number of factors, such as, vehicle load, weather conditions, driving techniques, engine age and condition etc.

Customers using magnetic fuel conditioners typically report
savings of 5 – 10% (occasionally less, sometimes more).

Reduced Emissions

An additional benefit of improved combustion is that it also results in reduced harmful emissions from the exhaust.

Smoother and Quieter Engine

The smoothness and quietness of the engine and ease of pulling away at junctions due to the improved torque, are often the first benefits to be noticed.

Cleaner Engine

The improved combustion also means that carbon deposits and unburnt fuel are reduced. This helps to keep the engine, spark plugs and catalytic converter cleaner over time.

Easy Fitting and Maintenance Free

The unit simply fits onto the fuel line – no cutting of the fuel line is required. Fitting takes just a few minutes. No specialist skills or tools required.

The unit has no moving parts and does not require supporting power. Once fitted, it remains maintenance free for life.  In fact the unit can be easily moved from one engine to another.

Which Model To Fit

A single M2 is usually sufficient for most engines up to 1.5/1.6 L  capacity.

A single M1 (larger unit) is usually sufficient for engines up to and including 3.0 L capacity.

More than one fuel conditioner may be required on some high performance engines or those over 3.0 L.

Units cost just £55 rrp.

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