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Best Magnets


With ever increasing fuel costs, take a closer look at how Best Magnets can help save you money on your heating and motoring fuel bills.

  • Best heating, for all types of oil or gas boilers and burners.
  • Best limescale, helps reduce and prevent limescale problems caused by hard water.
    Restores heating efficiency.
  • Best motoring can improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions on petrol and diesel engines.

These specially designed units have been successfully used around the world since 1992, for both domestic and commercial applications.

With Best Magnets 90 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, why not put them to the test yourself?

  • No moving parts
  • No power supply
  • No running or maintenance costs
  • Easily fitted
  • No pipe cutting
  • Transferable
  • Magnetic properties guaranteed minimum 10 years
  • Units cost between £25 – £100.

x4 £25.00

Yellow Magnets

x8 £90.00


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